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Keep Working

Maintain centimeter-level precision during signal disturbances.

Better Uptime

Dropped signals are a thing of the past. xFill ensures you're always on and working without interruption if there's a network failure.

Minimise Disruptions

Trimble xFill instantly switches over after RTK correction loss, minimizing disruptions to your work and increasing your yields and profits.

Work Everywhere

Satellite coverage makes Trimble xFill available worldwide, the ideal solution for providing reliable back up in remote locations or areas with poor cell coverage.

Trimble xFill, powered by RTX technology, is your backup to VRS and RTK corrections. It provides seamless, centimetre-level back-up positioning for up to 20 minutes when faced with poor radio connectivity or cellular interruptions. An xFill premium subscription provides unlimited backup time, ensuring the highest efficiency in the field. Watch your productivity, and your profits, grow.

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We are proud to announce that Vantage NSW has been awarded Trimble Ag Reseller of the Year 2023.

Vantage NSW