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Delivery Options

  • IP

Horizontal Accuracy:

  • <2.5 cm (1”)

Convergence Time:

  • Instant

Compatible devices:

  • GFX-1260™, GFX-1060™, GFX-750™, GFX-350™ with NAV-900™
  • CMRx, CMR+, RTCM v2.3, RTCM v3.1 or RTCM v3.2 MSM via NTRIP
  • Trimble® AG-372 and Trimble® AG-392
  • Trimble FmX®
  • Trimble CFX-750™
  • Trimble TMX-2050™

Instant access to high accuracy real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections for automated guidance operations during tilling, planting, seeding, spraying, spreading, and harvest.

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We are proud to announce that Vantage NSW has been awarded Trimble Ag Reseller of the Year 2023.

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